the autobahn wheels philosophy

When Autobahn was founded in 2001, most wheel companies didn't even mention what hardness their wheels were. It was a sea of skulls and fire. In our view, skateboarding was simple physics. Weight distribution. Timing. Focus. We wanted to bring technology back into the wheel conversation. Nearly 15 years later, it seems skateboarders wanted the same.

Our wheels are designed purely with their end function in mind. Autobahn continues to develop new formulas and shapes to improve upon years of quality levels being raised. Specific, high-performance urethane formulas poured into functional shapes designed to outperform the best of the best. We have not and will never waver from our goal of creating the most durable and functional skateboard wheels you can buy.

autobahn wheel shapes

Standard Shape
The standard shape is a great all-around wheel for any type of skater and all types of skateable terrains. Symmetrical, 14.5mm tread width, 30mm overall width (based on 52mm).

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Torus Shape
A fuller, dual-conical shape for skaters who prefer a slightly wider stance with a larger, grippier contact patch. Symmetrical, 16mm tread width, 31mm overall width (based on 52mm)

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Slim Shape
Thin for technical skating with reduced overall weight and sidewall designed to lock into long ledge tricks. Symmetrical, 14.5mm tread width, 27mm overall width (based on 52mm)

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autobahn wheel formulas

The highest class of urethane from Autobahn. The Ultra Formula with our exclusive FlatOut compound provides the fastest, longest lasting ride available. Guaranteed. Formulated to slide longer, roll fast, and never flatspot, Autobahn Ultra Formula allows for complete confidence in any situation, at any speed. No flatspots, no uneven wear, no comprimises. Available on select Pro Series and team models. 97A, 100A, and 83B durometers.

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The ab-S formula is our entry level pour, designed to be an affordable yet uncompromising choice. The ab-S provides the same high roll speed along with the ability to break into a slide a little bit easier. A fast, durable formula at a great price. Available on select Pro Series and team models.

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A high rebound formula designed for bouncing over anything in your way. Poured in shapes from filmer boards to cruisers, the all-road formula is best described in one word: FUN!

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The S/L SlideLine formula toes the line between a soft wheel and a hard wheel. While these come as soft as 80A, it is still possible to slide them. Bounce over everything in your path and when you get going too fast, throw ‘em sideways into a nice long slide, leaving a trail of urethane behind you. Available in functional, all-terrain shapes.

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